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February 9th Day Of The Announcement

Two days after I gave Giselle her first bottle, her friend called me up, “Eddie. I want a bottle too.”

Greetings, beautiful souls! It’s Eddie, here to share an exciting journey with you.

Introducing The Voyage:

Fourteen years ago, I suffered a debilitating back injury that shook my world. For months, I wrestled with excruciating pain, barely able to move. Conventional remedies offered little solace. Determined to heal naturally, I delved into holistic practices guided by seasoned facilitators. Over time, I witnessed remarkable progress, but the road to full recovery stretched far ahead. Drawing on my deep love for cooking, I explored the healing potential of everyday spices, complementing my regimen with ancient disciplines like yoga and Tai Chi. With each ingredient, from turmeric to ginger, I embraced an intuitive journey toward wellness, addressing not just my back but also nurturing my gut, clarity of mind, energy levels, and sleep quality.

Fast forward to 2022: after years of refinement, I crafted a blend that harmonized my body’s needs, sparing me the daily ritual of mixing ingredients. Little did I know, this concoction was the genesis of something extraordinary.

The Mother’s Request:

One fateful evening early January, as a conversation about well-being and balanced health flowed over dinner, I shared the details about my daily mixture with loved ones. Moved by my story, my dear sister Giselle implored, “Eddie, could you make me a bottle?” And thus, the seed was planted.

Three days after I gave Giselle her first bottle, her friend called me echoed Giselle’s plea, “Eddie. I want a bottle too.”

That was January 19, the day I decided to create spAQtacular18.

Choosing The Name:

Early in the morning, I took to my computer to share the news with my followers. “February 9th: the unveiling of my new product. It’s Spectacular.” Within moments, inspiration struck, and spAQtaclar was born.

Why this spelling? AQ, where A equals 1, and Q equals 17, symbolizes the 18 potent ingredients within spAQtacular18.

For me, it’s a testament to divine alignment – There are no coincidences

What is spAQtacular18?

spAQtacular18 is a premium dietary supplement designed to support your overall health and well-being. With its potent blend of everyday organic ingredients, spAQtacular18 aim is to enhance vitality and promote a healthier lifestyle.*

spAQtacular18 has all the ingredients I have been using myself for a few years now and with one more very important element: Our special Vort8x Water.

Water is life; water is the prime matter in the universe. Water has consciousness, and through the process we created, we are able to increase the consciousness level of the water. The profound attributes of Vort8x Water mixed with the rest of the ingredients make up 18.

The Compassionate Element:

At the heart of spAQtacular18 lies compassion. Through our Pay-AQ-Forward initiative, we extend a hand to those in need, ensuring that wellness is accessible to all.

You are invited to learn more here (click)

Today, February 9th, is the official announcement, and May 15, 2024, is our official launch date.

I want to thank you all for supporting our work and mission, and for spreading the word.

Remember, you deserve to feel spAQtacular!

With love and blessings.
Eddie BenAbraham
International Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Channel & Presenter. (Vortex)

Eddie BenAbraham
International Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Channel & Presenter at

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